Too Much Damn Wine

You guys!  You guys!  I found the best thing ever.  It pretty much summarizes my life and has introduced me to someone I need to be online friends with.  It’s called “My Drunk Kitchen” and you can find it on YouTube.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a wine distributor.  He says it sounds far sexier than it is in practice, I say it means free wine for Kelly ALL. THE. TIME.  You won’t believe this, but we’re at a point where there is too much damn wine in my house.  Too much wine you say?  Is that possible?

Yes.  We currently own enough wine that I could be drunk 24/7 for the next three or four months.  I have a feeling many of you just added my house as your destination in case of a zombie apocalypse and I’d tell you that’s a good choice.  (I talk about zombies on here a lot, don’t I?).  The problem is this:  The wine in our house is work wine, which means I’m not allowed to just drink it willy nilly.  Some of it costs lots of money, some of it is fancy, some of it has been specifically requested by customers.  H organized the wines by shelf in the fridge and told me which shelves I could drink wine from and I promptly got the whole system confused.  I opened a $200 bottle of wine that he’d been saving for years to eat with a pizza.


Then he went to a system where he labeled boxes with “drink me” and “don’t drink me”.  Which worked well until I started digging through boxes and got them all mixed up.  There is one definite bonus, though.  Every day H takes wines out for people to taste.  At the end of the day all those half drunk bottles come back home with him.  For awhile I tried to keep up with drinking them, thinking I couldn’t let them go to waste.  I’d start sipping after I walked the dogs, while I was making dinner.  As I the cooking progressed I made a bigger and bigger mess, forgot instructions, and mis-timed various meal items.  Although, I do have to say, the wine buzz always made the end result delicious.  Especially when you slosh a little in there during the cooking process.

Which makes Drunk Cooking my new favorite You Tube Show.  I’ve been there before, I’ll be there again, and H will have to suffer the cooking consequences because it’s his fault we have too much damn wine.  First World problems.