Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Points to whoever gets that song reference, because it is slightly obscure.  What can I say?  I watched a lot of musicals when I was younger.  My mom was a French horn player who often played in their pit orchestras and I loved them because they’re so romantic.  Sounds of Music?  My Fair Lady?  Gypsy?  (yup, that’s the reference.) I loved these shows and burned up the VCR watching them when my little brother lost the coin toss.

In the last month the following has happened:  The husband was accepted to his grad school program of choice and I received an offer from my dream job.  The fact that both of these dreams materialized simultaneously is nothing short of miraculous.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I received a call from my agent that I received an offer on my book.  Holy Smokes!

I’m bouncing in my office chair and struggling to take deep breaths.  My coworkers probably think I’ve overdosed on Fun Dip.  All I can say is that these are all the result of years of hard work and staying true to the dream.  My husband is a real creative, who likes to take risks and make projects.  He’s always motivated by vision and passion.  My foray into writing is the result of his encouragement to think outside the box, unpeel the layers of my identity, and unleash my creative spirit.  Everyone has one, after all.  I saw the sign in the picture at Southern Girls in downtown Lexington and it hit me as highly appropriate.

There’s been a tiny bit of dead air here and might be for the next month while I get my ducks in a row.  My second novel is spilling onto the pages and there are a LOT of good things to come so stay tuned!