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For a writer I seem to be at a serious loss for words.


I cannot describe my gratitude to everyone for your love and support this last week as I launched my first book, The Wedding Date.  I’ll be blogging later this month about the ever present Imposter Syndrome, which I’m told plagues all adult human beings, but for now I have to say:  I have the best family and friends.  The best.  (This might be something all authors say, but in my case it’s true).

It has taken me awhile to catch up.  I was lucky enough to have blog tours with both Xpresso and Tasty Books (they each exceeded my expectations).  Meanwhile my agency Blue Ridge Literary and all it’s associated authors, as well as my critique partners Jules Dixon and Ekaterine Xia, have coached me through the process.  And my amazing friends and family have read my book and shared it with others, tweeting and instagramming and facebooking photos along the way.


I’ve tried to reach out to everyone individually, both the friends who’ve shared, and the bloggers and authors who’ve welcomed me into this crazy world.  Kelly Moran took time from her busy author schedule to coach me on deep point of view, back when I started writing.  This week many established authors including Marina Adair and Sarah Grimm joined in the Facebook party Megan Ryder and I threw to celebrate our releases.


I feel loved, guys.  And I hope you know I love you back.  So, with all my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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