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How can you refuse that handsome face?


For those who haven’t heard the Fat Mario story it goes like this:  DH and I own a house in a rural are on about three acres of land.  Somehow it seems to have gotten out that we’re animal rescue people, because every so often a cat or dog shows up.  Fat Mario appeared right before Christmas.  He planted his furry orange butt on porch and yowled to be let in for hours.  He was rather rotund so we estimated that he was pregnant and started feeding him, figuring he’d wander back to his home if he had one.  If he didn’t have one, we’d bring him inside and advertise for his owners.  Since it was right before Christmas, we named this pregnant cat Mary.

Three weeks later, he was still hanging around so we brought him inside and made a vet appointment for him to be spayed if he wasn’t pregnant.  Imagine my surprise when they called and told me he was a neutered male.  Definitely not pregnant.  They re-named him Mario and since I have a friend with that name, we chose to distinguish him by calling him Fat Mario.

Fat Mario got adopted pretty easily.  Then he was returned for litterbox habits.  Turns out he had a medical issue and by the time we got that resolved, he and DH had decided that he wasn’t getting adopted again.

Fat Mario was very insistent that he be a foster failure and people love his roly-poly, uncoordinated antics, so who better to beg for reviews?

Trust me, he doesn’t take no for an answer.





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