Festival of the Book

festival of the book

One of the best parts of being in a smaller agency is the chance to meet with other authors and your agent on a regular basis. Our agency is based in Virginia, which works great for me because Virginia book events mean the chance to see lots of other authors. Even better is the fact that we have a lot of great authors at Blue Ridge. They make me laugh, all the time.

This year I went to Barnes and Noble for a panel led by Kimberly Dalferes, who writes non-fiction and has a wicked sense of humor. One of her books is titled “Magic Fishing Panties”. Doesn’t that already make you want to be her best friend? Magic Fishing Panties

Also on the panel were fellow BRLA authors Betsy Ashton and Ellen Butler. Recently Ellen has been a huge help to me as I navigate all the planning of my book launch. I had a chance to read the first hundred pages of a new spy novel she’s writing and the two of us have been helping organize Richmond Reader’s Rehab together, which is April 30th in Richmond VA. Needles to say, Ellen is a saint, and I’m pretty sure she’d destined to be my guru when it comes to balancing author life and regular life. Betsy is a riot. She writes mysteries with a quirky main character and announced during the panel on writing series that she re-wrote her first novel between ten and fifteen times.

The audience gasped. My agent Dawn Dowdle glanced at me. Yup, I also re-wrote The Wedding Date ten to fifteen times.

Also on the panel were Avery Flynn and Tracey Livesay. Avery was hysterical and Tracey really impressed me because she is completely no nonsense and went to the same law school as me. I think we have similar writing styles in that we plan and then get in there and get it done. Her newest book has a male lead with Asperger’s and was inspired by her son and her hope that he finds love in his future. You guys, I cried as she talked about it. And I’m cold hearted. Plus, her cover was HOT.

And then I got to cap it off with lunch, where we were joined by Colleen Shogan.

All in all, an awesome author get together and I have another to look forward to in April. In the meantime, get excited, because The Wedding Date comes out Monday and Megan Ryder and I are having a Facebook party April 7th….where we give away a Kindle Fire!

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